“Taste the Vallès» discover the unique products of the region

Try Valles is a project of Vallès Occidental Tourist Board by Network Products Earth, in order to promote the culinary heritage that distinguishes the region and provide visibility for producers and processors who are behind.
Tuesday was presented the catalog of unique products and proximity Vallès Occidental Vallès Taste and actions will be to promote these products to restaurants Cuina Vallès and restaurants attached to the Tourist Board. The catalog contains products, places where you can buy and a census of producers and processors.

All this will promote restaurants with elements that contain samples of these products, such as white kidney beans, oil, vermouth Vallès, the wines of the region or small pea.

Catalog of products
The presentation was made at the restaurant Ca l’Esteve, the collective kitchen Vallès, located in Castellbisbal and included the participation of the President of the Tourist Board, Victor Puig, owner of the restaurant and wine cellar, Stephen Stephen cook restaurant Xesco Well, the oil producer Ullastrell Cinto Puig, and other members of the group of chefs and the plenary of the Consortium.

Puig explained that “this is intended that these products of the region are known and recognized and we promote the uniqueness. We appreciate the work of producers and chefs who give value to the region. We are in Catalan cuisine and just this week also celebrates Alimentaria in Barcelona. We want to contribute to this framework, otherwise, featuring local products and quality. “